Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My husband and 7 year old son were diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012.  I'll admit that when my husband was diagnosed I thought "I can do this".  When my son was diagnosed, I cried for a week straight.  I hated that his diet needed to be so restricted and I felt so much pressure on me to make sure he didn't get any gluten.  I kept thinking what is going to happen when kids in his 2nd grade class bring in cupcakes or donuts for their birthdays.  I didn't want him to feel different or upset that he couldn't eat what the other kids were eating.  My son is a rock star and has been amazing with these changes but I have had to be the one to make these changes for my family.  Holy Cow!  I have been overwhelmed with recipes and they all seem to have about a billion ingredients and I don't even know what they are.  I have 4 kids the oldest is 7 so I don't have time to go though the rigamaroll of difficult recipes.  I've made it my mission to bake simple, but good gluten free meals and sweets (my favorite).

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